Refund Policy

1. The customer has the right to apply with a written claim to the Contractor if he considers that the service is not being provided to him in full. The Customer undertakes to immediately notify the Contractor about the situation that has arisen, but no later than three months from the moment when the Customer learned or should have learned about the performance of the service not in full. The contractor assesses the quality and completeness of the service provided independently, substantively, based on objective indicators. If the Contractor confirms that the service has not been provided in full, the cost of the service may be recalculated with the difference credited to the Customer's personal account. The recalculation period cannot exceed a period exceeding three months.

2. When making a refund from the Customer's account, the Contractor has the right to request additional documents confirming the details and legitimacy of the payment made, as well as the Customer's identification data. If the requested documents are not provided, the Contractor suspends work at the Customer's request for a refund until the necessary information is received.

3. When requesting a refund if a purchase is canceled, the refund is made exclusively to the same current account from which the payment was made (for Customers - legal entities or individual entrepreneurs) or to the same bank card (for Customers - individuals).